Case Study: Empowering Ivanti – Odeen Software’s Tailor-Made Solution for Linux Application


Ivanti is a US-based company, with 36 offices in 23 nations, developing products and tools tailored to infrastructure management, with a particular focus on the product level, like ISV (independent software vendor). Ivanti’s aim is to create a comprehensive platform for enterprises, merging unified endpoint management, zero trust security, and service management solutions. With this integrated system, the company offers a unified view for securing and maintaining devices, as well as catering to the needs of end users.


An Application Control integrates dynamic allowed and denied lists with privilege management, meant to thwart unauthorized code execution. This approach eliminates the need for manual management of extensive lists by IT personnel and ensures users are not unnecessarily restricted. The utilization of automated requests and approvals through helpdesk systems reduces the burden on IT staff and offers users a seamless and efficient experience. Ivanti was in need of an experienced Linux team to develop its Linux version of the Application Control, for which the company contacted Odeen Software.


With the help of Odeen Software, Ivanti expanded its internal technical manpower with new teams through development centers, which allowed for flexibility on internal headcount, ramping up and down the teams, depending on the need and projects. This allowed the company to eliminate the bureaucratic and operational hustle of contract termination for employees.

The challenge of acquiring new skills, attracting talent, and retaining them, is becoming more complicated, given the challenging and competitive dynamics of the current IT market. Therefore, Ivanti, which had no long-term interest in growing this particular technical skill set, Linux, internally, for which it had no in-house expertise, acquired the technical capabilities and manpower of Odeen Software to build a dedicated Linux team (major production on Windows) to work on and provide the required services for such an ample project.


For the Ivanti project, Odeen Software assembled a dedicated team tasked with building the Linux Application Control platform. This team was part of a larger development center of Odeen Software, which catered to different Ivanti needs, ranging from developing products from scratch to managing and taking care of existing products.

These products were either installed the traditional way or had been hosted by Ivanti, for the client to access. Regardless of the needs, these products require constant updating and activity, a complex and tailormade product development and hosting service, which Odeen Software provided for Ivanti. The project lasted for over three years, and, while certain aspects of the project have been reorganized, the Linux division developed by Odeen Software is still in operation.


  • A team of six software developers and Linux specialists.
  • Technical Skills: C/C++; Linux Kernel; .Net; Angular front-end; QA.
  • Methodology: Agile.

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