Case Study: FAN Return Platform Enhances User Experience and Efficiency, with the Help of Odeen Software


FAN Courier has been the leader in the Romanian courier services market since 2006. The company is constantly evolving and keeping up with trends in technology, investing both in creating new services for clients and in developing opportunities that the entire community can enjoy. FAN Courier is actively engaging with ways to better integrate all the moving parts of this great machine, making employees’ work more meaningful, smooth, and efficient, while also finding ways to better serve the customer.

FAN Courier has 145 own warehouses, out of which four are region hubs and five last-mile warehouses with a sorting capacity of 68,000 parcels/hour, a fleet of around 4.800 vehicles, and a team of approx. 8.000 people, 70 million shipments delivered in Romania and abroad, – the most varied range of logistics services – and a turnover of 225 million euros in 2022, a 10% increase from 2021.


With operations of this magnitude, Odeen Software was able to work on a solution for FAN Courier, developing and implementing a new platform for returning parcels,

The platform aims to create a simple process of returning online orders, offering the most pleasant user experience by facilitating most operations, such as contextual search, pre-populating fields, automating certain actions, and many more.


With this innovative solution, the FAN Return platform, processing a return order and generating an AWB is done by completing a single online form. Customers can return products regardless of how they purchased them – online or in-store, to any retailer, regardless of whether they are enrolled or not on the platform. Any business can sign up on the platform for free to enjoy these benefits.

FAN Courier is the first courier service to offer such a solution on the Romanian market and the impact for the company is equally significant. FAN Courier estimates that a reduction of up to 90% of the time allocated to returning purchased products can occur, as a result of the FAN Return platform.


The proposed solution consisted of the development of a web application that provides the required functionalities. Odeen Software has been responsible for the development of the web client (front-end) platform, which has been integrated with services exposed through an API by the back-end developed by FAN Courier. The design of the application is “responsive” so that it can be used easily both on a mobile device and on a computer browser. The stack of technologies taken into account is JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, using the React.js library and ecosystem. An aspect that garnered a lot of attention throughout the process has been security. Given its reputation, FAN Courier has been known to be the target of malware and hacking activity. And, especially given that this solution would be open to the wider public to use, Odeen Software has placed a great deal of importance on developing the solution to be as secure and hacking-proof as possible. Following Odeen’s delivery of the solution, this has also been audited by an independent third-party actor and validated as a highly secure product to be used in engaging with the wider clientele of users, who now enjoy a tailor-made and sophisticated return service, FAN Return, developed and delivered by Odeen Software.


– Analysis and Solution Design

– Implementation of the Platform over the existing API

– Testing, Support for Certification from the Point of View of Platform Security

– Maintenance and Post-Warranty Support

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