Happy to support Chesster and Chesster Festival 2022

Odeen is proud to announce the first big event of one of its soul projects – Arnia Chess IT – the launch of Chesster. The first chess platform of its kind, Chesster is hosting its first Festival on November 19, 2022 in Bucharest.

Featuring world-class names – like Grand Masters Dieter Nispieanu and Irina Bulmaga among others – the event will also include surprises, guests, and quite a bit of TNR beer. Tons of beer, to be precise. A can for every participant and 100% of their weight for the winner of the 1st place. The winners of the other places will not be forgotten, they will just get a bit less beer.

The event will include several rounds, networking breaks and a lot of fun with like-minded chess enthusiasts.

Last, but not least, the event will be live streamed, available to everyone who would like a taste of what Arnia Chess IT and Chesster are about.

Drop by any time on November 19 after 1 pm at Chesster Festival 2022.

See you there!

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