Odeen partners with Viso.ai to produce & deliver fast computer vision solutions

Why computer vision?

Computer vision is a next-generation vision technology within the field of AI, enabling computers to gain high-level understanding from images and videos, and seeking to automate tasks that would have otherwise been done by human visual systems.

Odeen has a long-standing partnership with viso.ai, a start-up providing a no-code / low-code solution to build and operate cost-effective computer vision applications. The Viso Suite, an end-to-end computer vision application development platform, addresses a variety of IT problems in a range of industries, from manufacturing to retail, security, healthcare, agriculture and many more.

Benefits of no-code: less costs, faster projects and fewer personnel

Odeen experimented with traditional models of computer vision projects, which involved considerable development costs (personnel, time commitment, coding labour), and recognizes the added value that a no-code application platform, like the Viso Suite, can bring to a project.  

An economic impact study into the benefits of using the Viso Suite (which allows organizations to manage the entire computer vision lifecycle end-to-end), proved a 3-year ROI of 695%, reduced the time to value of computer vision applications by 85%, reduced the manual coding labour by 75%, and, by using an automated AI infrastructure, increased productivity by up to 9 times. The ROI Impact Study concludes that total quantified benefits amounted to over $6.7 million over three years.

An “all-in-one” computer vision application platform, like the one developed by viso.ai, simplifies the process of administrating and monitoring devices, while also enabling the client to collect and process data, as well as gain insights much faster.

The Viso Suite is also a valuable platform for those working in computer vision, because it focuses on applications that run code at the Edge (Edge computing is the use of any type of computer program that delivers low latency nearer to the requests), allowing for a faster and more structured way of doing device maintenance, as opposed to more traditional ways.   

The revolution of tech platforms allows smaller players to access computer vision solutions as well

According to Odeen’s estimates working on computer vision projects, a centralized application platform, like viso.ai, would shorten the timespan for a computer vision project considerably. 

For a project that would have taken a year using the traditional model, with the Viso Suite, it would take three months, while for a five-year project, the time would be cut to two years, according to Odeen’s estimates. 

Odeen has several ongoing projects using the Viso Suite platform in the sphere of sports applications, and it also has other prospective projects in industries ranging from restaurants to retail, supply chain structures and manufacturing.  

Traditionally, computer vision had been used primarily in the industrial sphere (manufacturing, supply chains, industrial structures), mainly because of high development costs.

However, in the last ten years, as tech platforms revolutionized, computer vision solutions became more accessible to users. Nowadays, clients don’t pertain just to one industry, but to a variety of domains. Some even realized that they could use images and videos to generate insights, and, even influence business and investment decisions, as is the case with the retail sector.

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